It is few days to Christmas and many Nigerians must have started packing their bags to travel to their hometown.

After months of hustling outside your hometown, it is exciting to go home and see loved ones, but that journey is usually a risk for road travellers at this time, considering how busy the roads will become in coming days.

More road accidents are recorded at this time, but the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has some recommendations for travellers that will help them stay save. 

The prayer said at the park before passengers leave sometimes requires that it should be backed up with personal efforts to stay alive all through the journey.

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) says passengers can play a very important role in reducing the level of accidents on Nigerian roads.

Five necessary things have been identified by the FRSC Public Education Officer for Lagos Sector Command, Assistant Corps Commander Tunji Oguntoye.

He told Bounce News that it had become necessary that everyone embarking on a journey should carry out a pre-journey preparation that would involve the under listed processes.

1.  Pick The Right Commercial Vehicle Service

Before you get to the park, conclude on the kind of vehicle you want to travel with.

Most commercial vehicles operators are becoming more organised and it is advisable to check online for these more organised operators and travel with them.

This is because most of them follow recommendations and laws, with appropriate monitoring of the driver's movement all through the journey. 

2.  Check Tyres

The FRSC official recommends that passengers should also make out time to check tyres of vehicles they are travelling with.

This is important, as tyre deflation and puncture had also been identified as the cause of road accidents. 

car trye and heat

3.  Find out who the driver is.

A good observation of the driver will give a clear understanding of his kind of person. Observe whether he has taken alcohol and if he is a responsible fellow.

The way he comports himself will help passengers understand how his attitude will be when he holds the steering. 

4.  Check for Speed Limiting Device

All commercial vehicles in Nigeria are mandated to have speed limiting device fixed and confirming if the vehicle has the device installed and functional will help you make the right choice of bus," the FRSC official said. 

Speed limiting device for vehicles

5.  Notice Something, Say Something

Mr Oguntoye advised passengers to watch out for reckless driving even after a speed limiting device installation and functionality had been confirmed.

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According to him, a driver could maintain the speed limit, while still driving recklessly.

How does the driver overtake vehicles and when he overtakes should be given attention to, the road safety official said. 

"When you find such a situation, please, report to the FRSC’s designated numbers explaining what you have witnessed and your location," he said.

Numbers to call are 122 which is toll free and 070022553772. Please, note that network providers charge you when you call the last number.

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