Now that Christmas is approaching with each passing day, Nigerians in diaspora are already flying into the country one by one to celebrate the yuletide holiday with their loved ones here.

This is also the season when international romantic relationships are birthed and short-term hookups take place before January rolls in and everyone goes back to reality.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is key in meeting the right person

So, this piece is dedicated to all our Obodo Oyibo returnees a.k.a I Just Got Backs (IJGBs). Let’s show you how and where you can find yourself a date this Christmas if you’re single and want to mingle.

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1. The Gym: A huge percentage of Nigerian youths are now very health conscious and have taken a genuine liking to keeping fit and staying in shape. If you’re a fitfam, try to locate a nice, well-equipped gym in your area and sign up for regular workouts there. Chances are you might run into a (good looking) regular there who you could probably spark up a conversation with and take it up from there. 

2. Co-reading/working space: Lagos has a few co-working/reading spaces for budding entrepreneurs, freelancers and students. Some of them also double as cafes, allowing you to eat and work or study in a serene environment. You get to go there every day or a few times a week, depending on the type of package you sign up for. These kind of places are ideal for civilized meet ups as well.

3. Resort centres: A relaxing day at a resort centre will not only be beneficial to health, but also satisfy your desire to meet a special someone too. The serenity of the environment is enough to put everyone in a chill mood and give you the confidence you need to walk up to your ‘target’ and shoot your shot (no pun intended).

4. Social events: December is the month of concerts and all kinds of parties. If you’re hoping to find someone to date this Christmas while you’re holidaying in Nigeria, you’ll need to literally step out of your comfort zone and be social. Going to different social events will give you the chance to see and be seen.