Holidays are for chilling and it’s even better when it’s Christmas - It’s the season to kick back, drink and be merry. It is also a season that has been held responsible for serious weight gain in the New Year because many people let their guard down, throw their healthy meal plan out the window and just gorge on all the free food they set their eyes on.

Well, the good news is that you can absolutely enjoy your Christmas holiday and still remain in shape when 2019 rolls in. We’ve got some simple tips to help you achieve this.

You didn't lose track of your weight goals over the holidays

1. Eat before you go out: Everywhere you go in Nigeria at Christmas time will be brimming with all kinds of foods – whether you’re visiting family or friends or going to a party, and you could be tempted to go to these places on an empty stomach. But that could make you eat more than necessary when there are so many delicious options. To help yourself, eat some fresh fruits or healthy snacks like cashew nuts and drink lots of water before going out as that will stave off hunger and build your willpower.

2. Choose your meals carefully: If you do get hungry while at a party and decide to eat, go for low-calorie foods and vegetables. Pile on the fruits and veggie salads instead of wolfing down fried meat and jollof rice that will expand your waistline before you even get home. It’s easier said than done but you need to remind yourself what’s at stake if you don’t make the right choice.

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3. Eat small portions: Just because you’re watching your weight doesn’t mean you should starve yourself to death; it’s more about carefully and deliberately choosing what to eat to nourish your body while keeping your weight in check. Try to eat small servings of whatever meal you choose. It’s better to eat small portions of food three times a day than to eat huge servings twice a day. 

4. Continue to exercise: Christmas isn’t a time to binge on all kinds of food and just laze around all day. Stick to your usual routine of eating right and exercising. Remember that some drinks are also very high in calories, so you need to burn off every sneaky bit of calorie by exercising regularly.