Christmas is just few days away and hampers are already going around.

We are in a time that healthy living and giving attention to what we eat are becoming more pronounced than ever and this development requires that you change the way you think when you want to pack that hamper for a loved one or a client at Christmas.

From January to December, the individual you are handing the hamper to may have indulged in eating some things that the body may have found difficult to digest. 

Some persons may have also maintained a certain kind of diet that your hamper packed the usual way could be a turn off for them.

Here are some food items that you can add to your hamper to make it healthier and rewarding to the receiver.

1.  Kidney Beans

This is a specie of beans that is oxblood-red in colour and it is a reach source of protein.

It lowers cholesterol, it is good for diabetics, improves memory and boosts energy.

read kidney beans

It also has anti-oxidative property and can serve as a natural detoxifier – it helps remove toxins from your body especially for persons who live in Lagos and some cities that pollution is high.

Red kidney beans also helps in prevention of hypertension.

You can find it in online shops.

2.   Lentils

According to Dr. Josh Axe, Lentils nutrition benefits include the ability to improve and maintain heart health, help you to lose weight in a healthy way, fight blood sugar fluctuations that can lead to diabetes or low energy levels, and improve digestive health, too.

lentils, christmas hamper, products in hampers

It will be a good thing to add to the hamper that you are sending to older persons. They need it.

3.   Green peas

It is always great to drop few of green peas in your fried rice and sometimes that Jollof rice that the whole of Africa has continued to argue on who cooks it better.

Green peas are high in many Nutrients and Antioxidants and also an excellent source of protein.

They support healthy blood sugar control for persons that are diabetic and the Fibre in peas can also aid digestion.

Green Peas, what you should have in christmas hamp

Green peas could provide protection against some chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

It is, however, recommended that cautioned should be applied in eating Green peas as they may cause bloating and it is anti-nutrient.

You can get dry Green pea that is already dry from some Hausa people who sell vegetables. 

4.   Red Rice

Red rice is a specie of rice that is also oxblood-red in colour and when cooked the grain is a treat to the eyes and its taste is awesome.

This variety is rich in fibre, it comes loaded with antioxidants, phytonutrients, phytochemicals, Vitamin E, protein, iron, and other nutrients that will be a good thing to feed the body with this Christmas.

Red rice should be in your Christmas hamper

Is it your first time of seeing this rice?

Not to worry, it is in Nigeria and it is available in health shops online and getting it to add to your meal this Christmas will not be a bad idea.

5.   Sea Salt

This is salt in its natural state and it has been used by our forefathers before refined salt came in and almost everyone switched.

Sea salt has so much benefit that using it alone for cooking will help a family live healthy.

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It keeps you hydrated, reduces fluid retention, it is a great source of minerals, balances electrolytes and prevents muscle cramps.

Sea salt is great for skin health and it improves digestion.

sea salt

You know that people will eat a lot of junk food this Christmas and sea salt could come handy in aiding digestion.

Don’t pack your hamper with too much of sweet stuffs, but surprise that special one with items that are packed with so much nutrients that the body needs.

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