Can you imagine Nigeria without Christians?

A church leader has warned that Christianity faces extinction in Nigeria amid relentless persecution by radical Muslims.

Reverend Samson Olasupo Adeniyi Ayokunle, President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), is concern about terrorists killing thousands of civilians in Nigeria and the activities of ravaging herdsmen in recent months.

“This is the reason that we are crying out for the authorities to not allow radical Islam to overrun Nigeria,” said Ayokunle.

While the Boko Haram’s deadly campaign to establish an Islamic State in Nigeria has raged for years, Ayokunle condemned the recent surge in the lethal violence displayed by herdsmen.

“We have been watching this happen in the northern part of Nigeria. If our military and law enforcement do not rise to the occasion, then we will succumb to extinction.”

There have been speculations of reprisals by the Christians who allege that security operatives have been unfair while conducting their operations.