China has taken its fight against Islamic extremism to the next level.

It has increased its surveillance on Muslims living in Xinjiang area of the country.

The area is where much of its Muslim minority population reside.

According to reports from Radio Free Asia, Chinese Authorities sent out a notice over a week ago instructing people living in the region to install a "surveillance app" on their phones.

They are also conducting spot checks in the region to ensure that residents have it on their phones.

The notice, written in Uyghur and Chinese, was sent by WeChat to residents in Urumqi, Xinjiang's capital.

Android users were instructed to scan the QR code in order to install the Jingwang app that would, "automatically detect terrorist and illegal religious videos, images, e-books and electronic documents" stored in the phone.

If illegal content was detected, users would be ordered to delete them.

If you refuse to delete them or didn’t install the app at all, it could get ugly for you as you would be detained for up to 10 days.

An analysis of the app by users in China showed that the app appears similar to a "citizen safety" app developed by Urumqi police in April this year.

The app, developed in-house, allowed users to report suspicious events to the police.

The app reportedly scans for the digital signatures of media files in the phone, and matches them to a stored database of offending files classified by the government as illegal "terrorist-related" media.