Fashion is not just about the clothes, it’s a lifestyle.

We all know Chimamanda Adichie is a Nigerian fashion enthusiast as her Instagram page continues to prove this.

Wearing pieces from Nigerian designers like Grey, DZYN, Gozel Green and more, Chimamanda loves rocking bold colourful pieces and sometimes unexpected cuts.

For her, it is more than just wanting to wear Nigerian brands, as she has given well-thought-out reasons for the way she dresses, and it has some political leanings.

In a recent interview, she said:

"When I started to learn about Western feminism, I realized that in many ways, feminism and femininity were supposed to be mutually exclusive. At a time when women — white women — were considered property, they needed to just look pretty and stay at home. So, I can see how, to rebel against that, women said ‘You know what? To hell with pretty!’ When I first started writing, I pretended not to like fashion, because I wanted to be taken seriously.

''I decided to use fashion as a kind of political statement, which is to say that I made the choice to wear mostly Nigerian designers to public events, because obviously I want to support an industry that’s full of talent, but also to make a case for how fashion can tell a story.

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''Fashion and culture are intertwined in very interesting ways."

Even though Nigerians love to disagree with her on many things, no one can argue with her style.

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