Every year, members of Celestial church look forward, with great anticipation, to their church harvest which usually comes with an array of activities.

While the excitement that came from this year's edition of the annual events has continued to keep the church members in a hang-over of celebration, there has been a grave concern over the new dimension in which the activity has taken recently.

One of the zonal headquarters of the church in Akure, Ondo state is currently under fire which was invoked by it's choristers for singing, ‘Living Things’, a popular track by 9ice during the Thanksgiving of the event.

The development has practically set an agenda for members of the public and some of the church members to call on the church national leaders to regulate the activities of it's choir across the country.

"This is the height of spiritual decadence in the Christendom. It is a joyful celebration but there has to be a limit for crying out loud. There should be a wild difference between the church of God and a club” said Mrs. Oluwawemimo Aderogba.

"I can't imagine such a song can be heard in the church of God, a white garment church for that matter. What are we then preaching or what message are we passing across to the public?

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"I sincerely don't have issues with worshiping God in any way you can but I think the Celestial churches are always taking it too far. The church choir was spotted dancing lustfully during their church harvest. This is a club song for God's sake."

"I believe the church leaders will look into it and do something about it. It is totally unacceptable" said Mr Akinde Oni.

One of the church members who spoke on the condition of anonymity said it was even worse when there was nobody among the officiating priests to caution them.

"It was obvious the choristers ran out of inspiration but they were expected to have been cautioned the moment they were singing it but everyone including the shepherd were all carried away with excitements. Everybody was just dancing."

He however disclosed that the news had already gotten to the church and the leadership are looking into the matter, saying the choristers may likely be sanctioned if they are found guilty.

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