The demand for accolades on Instagram is trending.

Thanks to the ingenuity of Nollywood actor, Charles Okafor, also known as Igwe 2Pac.

In the video, a guy comes out of a randomly parked car and starts to scream 'Worldwide I deserve some accolades, I have paid my dues, I have paid in view, I deserve some accolades'.

Look closer and you may see another guy filming the whole drama.

Igwe 2Pac released his now popular ‘Accolades’ skit a while ago and it has since become one of the most viral videos of 2018.

In the video, the actor is on the street running and declaring to his fans worldwide that he deserves some accolades because he has paid his dues.

The video as posted on his official Instagram page currently has over 200 thousand views.

Meanwhile, some celebrities are recreating the skit and adding some flavour.


A post shared by Igwe 2pac (@charles_okocha) on

A post shared by Igwe 2pac (@charles_okocha) on