If you think the 2017 Christmas was over and forgotten, take a trip to Surulere, Lagos and see kids still celebrating their beautiful gifts from Santa.

Santa came visiting on Thursday – three days after Christmas, with loads of goodies for the young, the old, male and female, rich and needy.

Forget about the fuel scarcity, they sure have a lot of petrol in the North Pole as the convoy of branded cars moved from one neighbourhood to the other across the local government sharing gifts.

At first sight one may not notice, but take a closer look and you would realise this is actually Santa Doe and not Santa Claus.

You guessed right! The man behind the costume was the lawmaker representing Surulere in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Desmond Olusola Eliot.

Now we know why he didn’t ride in a one-horse open sleigh. 

Asides the surprise element of still receiving Christmas gifts three days after, it must have been fulfilling for the Nollywood star, seeing the joy on the faces of the children with their new toys.

Most fascinating, however, was the manner residents warmed up to their leader.

They greeted like old pals, he called many by their names, some even quickly presented personal challenges to him for help.

From rice to vegetable oil, chickens, candies and toys for kids, he, along with his wife, went around sharing the joy of the season.

Some of the residents told Bounce News that this was not Hon. Eliot’s first time of extending love to them and they were grateful for his consistent kindness to members of his constituency.


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