The only way to stop farmers from clashing with herdsmen is to create ranches.

This was the position of the Tor Tiv and Chairman, Benue Council of Chiefs, Prof. James Ayatse.

He said this while proffering solution to the incessant clashes between herdsmen and farmers.

Ayatse asked the Federal Government to enact legislation that will effectively back up ranching so as to save lives and protect farms from destruction by cattle and their shepherds.

He commended the Benue House of Assembly for passing the Anti-Open Grazing Bill, and assured the lawmakers of the full support of the Benue Council of Chiefs.

Ayatse also spoke on the violence in some parts of the country and blame the crisis on poor economy and joblessness among the youths.

He called for a population policy that would regulate births and ensure that Nigerians have only children they can cater for.