The popular August meeting is approaching.

To this end, the Catholic Women Organization in Nsukka diocese wants to seize the opportunity to spotlight an issue that is of grave concern to them – infidelity among married women.

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The rate at which married women are sleeping around is rising and the CWO is poised to address this headlong.

The Nsukka CWO Diocesan President, Prof. Elizabeth Ngwu, told newsmen in Enugu on Wednesday that it was unbecoming and unacceptable for married women to indulge in such act as it destroys homes.

Ngwu, who spoke on preparations for the 2017 August meeting, said that that was why infidelity would be the focus of the meeting.

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She said that the topic of infidelity had been discussed at zonal and parish levels, adding that the decision to continue with it at the diocesan level was to give another opportunity for more people to speak on the issue, in order to address it once and for all.

The choice of the theme was also to send serious warnings so that those involved would know that it is a despicable behavior and that it is time to turn a new leaf.