The carelessness of two individuals brought a seven-day old baby to a near death situation and one will only pray a future health issue will not arise.

It was the continuation of the recruitment process of the Bayelsa State government and 4,000 applicants were jostling for 1,000 openings. 

By 9:03 a.m. local time, Niger Delta University ICT Centre halls were filled to capacity with happy youths, hoping to grab a slot.

The applicants whose names were shortlisted for the second phase of the state civil service recruitment exercise were happy when they arrived at the venue.  

Those who could not secure seats inside the halls, sat under umbrellas place by food vendors by the side of the road, waiting for the time the process will begin.

People whispered in low tones. 

The event held at the Niger Delta University in Ba

Everything was fine until senior staff of the institution, whose duty it was to conduct the computer based interview, arrived.

"Everybody, get out now!" screamed one of the men.

Before the seated applicants could rise from their seat, a police officer, who was there to maintain peace and order, threw a can of tear gas into the hall.

The sight of smoke caused panic and a stampede.

People forcefully ran out of the room pushing down some computers in the  process.

A nursing mother, who simply identified herself as Ebi, said she realised that her seven-day-old baby whom she had carried into the hall, was in danger, as smoke rose from the tear gas.


The mother of the seven-day old baby (taller lady) 

"People were telling me to take my baby out of the hall.

"People forcefully ran out of the room pushing down some computers in the process.

"I ran out of the hall coughing, as I was feeling choked a little. 

"I have been unemployed for 10 years and need the job," the nursing mother told Bounce News.

Mrs Ebi said she hopes to be employed so she can help her family financially.

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In Nigeria, nursing mothers hardly bring a seven-day old baby to a public place for fear of situations like this and other infectious diseases. 

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Some persons said it was carelessness on her part and that of the police officer who thew the tear gas. 

Other applicants queried why police should use tear gas on applicants who were not in any way a security threat to anybody.  

Another applicant and a graduate of Economics, Mrs Felicia Samuel, said she had taught in some private schools and received peanuts as salaries.         

"This recruitment will tell us if our government is working or not," she added.

Mrs Samuel then pleaded with the organisers of the exercise to employ based on merit.

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