The need to give more attention to the desires of Nigerians has been emphasized by the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, Cardinal John Onaiyekan.

The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja admonished politicians to look after the welfare of Nigerians and not just for their fat salaries and allowances.

Onaiyekan made the call on Sunday in Abuja as the National Agency for the Control of AIDS, (NACA), held a special service to commemorate the 2018 World AIDS Day, with the theme “Know your status”.

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“It should be politics of care for Nigerians not politics of fat salaries politicians give to themselves.

“Let’s look at the way we pay public servants, if politicians go to parliament to recoup losses on business, they will not have the time for the people, we know that not much service will be rendered,” he said.

According to the Cleric, a good politician should be a well-disciplined personality with selfless service to make life better for his people.

“This should be reflected in the community where he lives in all ramifications.

“Discipline is necessary for an orderly society and political life, without it, the social life would become miserable.

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