For daring to demand for 18 months rent, a landlord in Akure, Paul Ajayi has lost half of his lower lips to a bite from his tenant, Yemi Daramola.

The incident which occurred at fanibi junction in Akure was said to have arouse sympathies for the victim by neighbors who called for arrest and prosecution of the suspect.

According to an eyewitness, the suspect and her husband, Ojo Daramola have been living in the one-bedroom apartment for more than three years but they always have a misunderstanding with the landlord over unpaid rent.

"We suddenly heard noise from the house and by the time we got there, the landlord clothe has been soaked with blood and surprisingly, half of his lower lips was still in the tenant's mouth."

Narrating his ordeal, Ajayi, 63 and a cobbler said he had met with the family the previous night to request for his 18-month rent but the husband pleaded for more time.

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"I told them to stop postponing the payment which was the reason why it piled up to 18-month. The 18-month rent they are owing me is #28,000 and Electricity bill, #6,000.

"The following morning, the husband came to beg me but I insisted they must pay. Later, I saw off my friend that came to visit me that morning and when I was returning, the wife attacked me. She hit me and was targeting my scrotum. As I bent to protect my scrotum, she bit my lips."

Some neighbors also confirmed that the suspect is notorious for attacking people whenever there is a minor disagreement.

“Three years ago, she bit her step son and was arrested but it was later settled. Last year, she also injured her co- tenant who was later taken to local orthopedics for treatment.”

The landlord however claimed the case is already in the magistrate court and it will sit on it this week, while the woman has been remanded in prison.

Confirming the incident, the State police spokesman, Femi Joseph said he has not been properly briefed on the matter but confirmed the suspect has been remanded in Olokuta prison pending the conclusion of the matter in court.

Meanwhile, the dental headquarters of the state specialist’s hospital Akure has referred the victim to the OAU teaching hospital for plastic surgery.

In a referral letter signed by Dr. Olasehinde, the victim was said to have suffered Avulsion of the lower lips resulting from the bit.

The surgery is expected to cost him about 500,000 naira.

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