Sex is sweet.

It is a means of expressing love, exercising and procreation (at least before the advent of IVF).

In Africa, so much attention is paid to the sex of a child and most times, parents want to have a male child in the midst of other children.

They see it as a great way of preserving their linage.

This desire has given birth to several myths in line with how a family can determine the gender of their next baby.

One of the myths is that there is a sex style that a couple could adopt while in the heat of the moment.

A Public Health Specialist with the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Dr. Eze Ugochukwu, says it is not a thing of sex style, but he gave incidences that could determine the sex of a child, considering another claim that people have made. 

"It is not certain but there is a chance, he said.

There is one major role the couple will play in the whole scenario and that is to first understand when the woman is ovulating.

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"There is no position actually that has been documented. Neither is there an evidence that backs it up that there is a particular position people can assume during intercourse that could change the gender of whatever child that will come out.

"But these days, people are talking about timing around ovulation.

"There are some evidences here and there, but I don’t think there is a concrete policy on that.

"People keep researching, building up evidence.

"Somebody can do a research in a country and find that there is no connection between this and this and when some other persons carry out the same research in another place they  and finds that there is a connection.

"We will keep doing this, until we have enough evidence for, then we can say, yes, we have more people researching that shows that this works, then we can adopt that as a nation," he stated.

sperm and gender of child

The doctor further highlighted that there is some evidence where people have to time ovulation.

"The basis around that is that when the sperm is released, we have what we call the chromosomes in them and a man needs to just donate a Y chromosome to the wife to fertilise the egg released by the wife to produce a male child.

"But if a man donates an X chromosome, automatically, the wife will produce a female child".

Explaining the process further, Dr. Ugochukwu said:

"Usually when sperm is released, the Y chromosomes swim faster; they travel faster and get the egg that was released fertilise first before the X chromosomes comes.

"In each ejaculation of sperm, you have hundreds of millions of the X and Y chromosomes and you just need only one to fertilise the egg and the other ones will die off easily.

"If the sperm is leased, say 24 hours before ovulation or less than 24 hours before ovulation, the Y chromosome swims faster and then die off while the X chromosome will remain.

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"If the Y chromosome is released before the egg is released, there is a likelihood that it will die off and the X chromosome will remain at the point of ovulation. 

"This circumstance will produce a female child". 

"This is one of the dynamics around this child gender tendencies and it is the scientific reasoning that has also made people believe that probably, if they can speculate when ovulation will happen, they should be able to arrange their meeting or sexual intercourse to see if they stand a chance of getting a male child. 

"It is a chance and we don't know what the probability is now, say 50% or 40%. We can not say for sure", he added.