Its 2017 and Women are no longer asking for fairness and recognition, they demanding gender equality.

Imagine a world without these delectable beauties, how men would cope (gay and straight)?

From the point of statistics the world would lose 3.5 billion people and 93 percent of children will be without guardians.

17 countries would be left leaderless and  66 percent of the world’s marketplaces would be closed.

Women have beyond the biblical call to duty as help mates. These days many women wear the trousers making tremendous achievements as leaders and resource managers.

Personally, I know for a fact that most families are engineered and powered by selfless wives. In some cases, these mothers, wives, sisters and daughters lay down their degrees and stay home to take care of children.

From bathe time to preparing meals then dressing up the children and taking them to school. Our women are exceptional and shining jewels.

What would happen if women refuse to sell or buy at the markets for 24 hours? They contribute about 45 percent of the nation's workforce and they work overtime at home.

I remember when my daughter was born. I witnessed the pain with which my wife pushed and yelled. I wasn't the one pushing but I passed out. I woke up to hear my daughter crying sweetly and my wife smiled mildly at me.

A day without women is quite unimaginable!