An American-based novelist, Patrice Nganang is in trouble in his West African home country of Cameroon.

He now faces a possible forceful removal from home.

Already, he had been in jail for the past three weeks after he was arrested for criticizing the government of Paul Biya, one of Africa’s lifelong rulers.

Nganang’s lawyer was arrested on December 7 as he prepared to board a flight to Kenya, and accused of insulting President Paul Biya.

The government later said he had threatened Biya in posts on Facebook.

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A literature professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Nganang was born in Cameroon but is also an American citizen.

Nganang’s lawyer, Emmanuel Simh, told Reuters that a judge had dismissed the government’s charges and ordered his client's release.

Simh later said the authorities had retained Nganang’s Cameroonian passport and that he would be placed on an afternoon flight to the United States.

“According to (the government), he is an American who does not have a right to this passport,” Simh said.

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