The political crisis developing in the West African country of Cameroon may lead to a diplomatic squabble between it and Nigeria.

As you may know, Cameroon is in hot pursuit of secessionist rebels who are fighting for a breakaway state of Ambazonia for the English-speaking region of the country.

And now, the soldiers chasing after them seem to have forgotten there is what is called territorial sovereignty.

This month, Cameroonian soldiers, while pursuing these rebels, crossed into Nigeria without seeking authorisation from Nigerian authorities.

At least one incursion was confirmed by a Nigerian government official, two Nigerian military officers and two foreign diplomats, all of whom spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity.

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Nigerian security forces were deployed to the border to stop any further crossings, said a military source.

The Cameroonian and Nigerian governments said in separate statements there were no incursions. Relations between the two countries are good, Cameroon said.

Cameroonian military officials and pro-government media accuse Nigeria of sheltering English-speaking insurgents.

For the past year, they have been based in the dense equatorial forests that straddle the border between the two countries, fighting for an independent state they call Ambazonia.

At least 7,000 people have fled as refugees from Anglophone Cameroon to Nigeria following a crackdown ordered this year by President Paul Biya to quell the insurgency.

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