It is getting scarier in the West African country of Cameroon.

Freedom fighters fighting for an independent breakaway state of Ambazonia have killed three soldiers and wounded four others during an attack overnight in the English-speaking Southwest region.

The attack in the town of Kembong came hours after President Paul Biya said in a televised address that the situation in Anglophone Cameroon was stable, despite ongoing widespread fighting.

Separatists have killed 25 soldiers and policemen in a series of raids over the past year in a bid to gain independence for the Anglophone Southwest and Northwest regions.

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“ADF forces carried out the attacks,” said Cho Ayaba, the leader of the Ambazonian Defence Force, an armed separatist group.

The crisis began in 2016 when the government cracked down on English-speaking lawyers and teachers who protested against working in the French-dominated government.

Civilians were killed, and subsequent violence against protesters has helped boost support for a separatist movement in a campaign to split Cameroon’s English-speaking minority from Yaounde.

Frequent army crackdown on the insurgency has forced more than 40,000 people to flee to Nigeria, according to the United Nations.

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