For the umpteenth time, no Nigerian club will be in the group phase of the CAF Champions League.

The nation's flag bearers, Plateau United and MFM FC dropped out from the competition over the weekend.

While many Nigerians are understandably disappointed with this development, Bounce Sports adduce five noticeable reasons they stumbled and fell.  

1. Poor Recruitment:

If there was one thing that worked majorly against the two teams that represented Nigeria at this season’s Champions League, it's their poor recruitment; especially MFM.

For Plateau United, even though they were able to keep a large chunk of players that won the league last season, they should have added more experienced players to the fold.

MFM FC were worse as they lost some of their key players and only got rookies 2,as replacements.


2. Tactically bereft

That football has gone scientific cannot be overemphasized and games are now won by the tactics deployed by the coach.

Very little was evident in terms of tactics on the part of Nigeria’s representatives in the Champions League hence their ouster was inevitable.

Their coaches failed to understand the formations that would trouble the opponent. They also lacked the knowledge of what to do when push came to shove.

3. Less followership

The followership commanded by most North African teams is even more than some of the big teams in Europe.

Aside the massive revenue this translates to, it also helps the course of these clubs against visiting teams who are often intimidated.

While barely 2,000 fans watched the MFM vs MC Alger game in Agege, over 20, 000 were present to cheer the Algerian club to victory when the Olukoya Boys came calling.

Fans as the 12th player worked against Nigerian teams yet again.

4. Inexperience

The place of experience in football is very important but for Nigeria’s flagbearers in this season’s Champions League, they could best be described as green horns.

With virtually no experience in continental football, many were only hoping that Plateau United and MFM FC will miraculously make it to the group phase of Africa’s biggest club competition.

Plateau United-Etoile

5. Politics  

There is always the side of politics to football and Nigeria was roundly beaten to it by those who understand the terrain.

In the case of Plateau United, Etoile du Sahel did enough to drag them away from their traditional home ground to Kano and that some say helped the course of the Tunisians at the expense of the defending NPFL champions.

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