The long arm of law has caught up a six-man gang that specialises in snatching mobile phones and handbag in Gombe. 

The gang, which has been terrorising residents within the Gombe metropolis, met their waterloo when they robbed Tabitha Isah of her phones and bag on 7th July.

The police said the suspects had disguised as Keke Napep operators, picked her from Eaman Restaurant to dropped at her house in Orji Quarters.

When they got to her place, the suspects brought out cutlasses and asked her to surrender all her belongings.

Apart from her phones which they collected, her handbag which contained her Bible, cloths and makeup materials was also taken.

Tabitha, who was terrified by the experience, reported the matter at the police station.

One of the snatched phones had a tracker which was traced to one Kabiru Isah.

Kabiru while being interrogated said he was not part of the gang, he only bought the phone from some guys. 

He led the police to the seller, Mohammed Usman who was identified by Tabitha Isah as one of the gang members.

His arrest led to apprehension of other five members of the gang. 

Items such as cutlasses, knife and battle axe were found with them while a lady Rahmatu Muhammed who provides them with shelter was also arrested.

According to the police some members of the gang are ex-convicts who have been arrested for crimes related to theft. 

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