Dupe Olarinde, a business woman who is married to David Olarinde has filed for a divorce after 17 years of marriage.

But when both parties started sharing their grievances at the Grade C Customary Court, Oja Oba in Ibadan, she seemed more like the tormentor than a victim.

David, who is a driver in Lagos, said his wife is promiscuous and he has caught her in the act.

"She told me she was going to the hospital and I saw her enter into a hotel, I followed her in and she went to meet another man.

“They were about entering into the hotel room when I dragged her back and I took her home."

David further said that they were driven out of their former house because of her promiscuous act which made him decide to go and stay in his family house.

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"I came back from Lagos and my landlord’s wife told me she caught my wife and her husband red handed in the act, I had to beg her not to be angry.

“We were evicted from the house afterwards. Asides this, there are several other men who have had their way with her," he concluded.

All Dupe could say was that her husband does not take care of the family. He works in Lagos and does not come home regularly because of the nature of his job and that he steals her money.

"He does not take care of us at home, he comes home once in three months. Before we got married, I sell cosmetics at gate bus stop and I discovered he steals my money and he won't return it back.

“When I was unable to fund my business since he steals from me, I had to stop the business and stayed at home.

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"I got a job as a food attendant in a restaurant and saved up some money which I want to use to start a business and the money got missing in the house as well."

She further said that she paid the house rent for two years without the help of her husband.

"I paid the house rent for two years, when I was unable to pay again we had to move to his family house," she concluded

Apparently, she had no words to defend herself on the allegation of infidelity laid against her by the husband.

The court asked them to separate in peace and their 16-year-old son was put in custody of the father while the twins (10) were put in the custody of their mother.

David is expected to pay 6,000 naira monthly as feeding allowance and pay their school fees.

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