How many cows do you have to sell to be able to buy an AK47 rifle with enough ammunition to use recklessly?

This is one question that Bishop David Oyedepo raised las week Sunday and many Nigerians should put this before the state governments and the leadership of herdsmen known as Miyetti Allah in Nigeria.

The police have alleged that asides the suspected killer herdsmen who attacked Benue communities earlier in January, Benue states’ supposed ranch guards also carried AK47 rifles. For what? you will ask.

Police PRO, Jimoh Moshood, expressed disappointment in the leadership of the state while addressing the issue on a live TV broadcast monitored by Bounce News on Thursday.

“You say you have a guard whose job is to observe and report back to the police who will do the appropriate thing.

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“If such a guard is armed with AK47 rifle which is a sophisticated weapon, how do you control that? How do you prevent the AK47 from going into wrong hands?” he asked.

He further explained that there were clear evidences and video footage to back his claim.

“They were armed with AK47. The commissioner of police went there. We have record and footage.

“Any organisation you are setting up, before you can carry firearms, it must be approved by the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and it shouldn’t be a prohibited firearm.

“When you arm people, you turn them to militias because you don’t control what they do with these firearms,” he said.

The police may need to show the record and footage to back their claim, as Mr Moshood's statement contradicts the position of the Benue state governor, who told President Buhari that none of the ranch guards in his state had weapons.

The Police spokesperson insisted that the Governor's statement was not true. 

“I am disputing that because we have evidence that they were armed with AK47 rifle and it is equally important to know that we are investigating, and we must know the source of these rifles.

“AK47 is a light weapon but it can lead to the killing of several people and it is under the category of prohibited firearms,” he reiterated.


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