A policy analyst, Dr. Boniface Chizea, has stressed the need for the Buhari administration to be more deliberate in its efforts to address issue of unemployment in Nigeria.  

Unemployment rate has been on the increase in Nigeria with a recent report of the National Bureau of Statistics putting the figure at 18.8%

President Muhammadu Buhari had in his New Year Speech asked unemployed Nigerians to "turn their hands to anything that circumstances dictate".

It was his advice for them to dump the desire to get a government job or even one from the Organised Private Sector and focus on creating jobs for themselves.

One sector, however, that the President pointed his finger at for them to explore was agriculture. 

But Dr. Chizea says addressing unemployment in Nigeria requires a multi-faceted approach and the foundation must be reinforced to hold the structure.

"There are people who have left schools and those that will still leave that do not have entrepreneurial skill or knowledge of what it takes to set up a business.


"The current education curriculum does not promote self-reliance and that should change. It is the foundational requirement to addressing unemployment, the policy analyst said.

addressing unemployment in Nigeria.
Agriculture was the mainstay of Nigeria's economy before discovery of crude oil

He told Bounce News that for the persons that had left schools to be productive and stay away from social ills, they need training to change their orientation and empower them for what the future demands.

"The Presidents comment about them creating jobs is a good one but that is futuristic in nature.

"At the moment, people need to first get trained in different areas where they can establish small firms and boost the economy.

"The government should establish training centres where these graduates can go and learn crafts that they can further develop into means of generating income.

This will ensure that they have a good understanding of what they are doing and then a good business growth template, Dr. BChizea said.

Access to funding is one challenge that people looking to set up business have, but the policy analyst said the Bank of Industry would provide funding to people who have genuine business idea and proposal to support their request.

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These graduates do not even know how to draft a good proposal and all that should be part of the training opportunities that the government should offer them.

He believes that agriculture still holds great opportunities for anyone who intends to go into the sector.

If young people could take advantage of the government borrowers scheme for farmers organised by the Central Bank of Nigeria, it will go a long way in creating jobs, he added.

The scheme provides funding and training for farmers who intend to go into rice and wheat farming across Nigeria.