Going by the promises made by the APC and the campaign train of President Muhammadu Buhari across the country in 2015, their performance for two years has been disappointing.

The Executive Director of Enough Is Enough, Yemi Adamolekun said this.

Adamolekun took the government up on its acclaimed focus on economy, corruption and security but while many score Buhari highest on security, she does not consider it a great performance.

She admitted that the Nigerian military has since improved and achieved quite a lot in the fight against Boko Haram in northeast Nigeria but the issue of Chibok girls puts a dent on whatever has been achieved.

She recalled that even President Buhari said that "he would not have considered the war against Boko Haram completed until the Chibok girls have been returned".

There are still 195 girls missing after government negotiated the release of 21 of them but the EiE boss wonders why the government remains mute on the matter.

"The Vice President is the Chairman of NEMA, you have the NSA and the Chief of Defense Staff, can we have a meeting, maybe monthly, that says ‘this is what we are doing’?”

She also highlighted the lingering pockets of attacks by insurgents in the northeast and the now alarming rate at which herdsmen attack farming villages across the country.

"There is no clear plan around what the government is doing about it.

"You look at local communities from Benue to Kogi, the number of people that have been killed and displaced, we are still doing the same thing that happened under the Jonathan administration in the northeast.

"We’ve moved that to the north-central and other parts of the country, even in the south-south and the southeast where you have these issues – the same mistake of what exactly are we doing?"

Adamolekun was the studio guest of Sunday Politics on Channels Television on April 2. The interview came two weeks to the 3-year anniversary of the abduction of the Chibok girls.