The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity has attacked individuals criticising policies and actions of the executive.

Speaking on the sideline of the 72nd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Femi Adesina, said some of those criticising the President will complain about God if they make it to heaven.

He said Buhari’s accusers are ”professional critics” who will never see anything good in anything.

Adesina said: ”Those that condemn the quality of the speech have a right to their views. The funny thing is that most of them may not have read, nor did they listen to the speech.

”They are professional critics who never see anything good in anything. If such people mistakenly get into heaven, they will complain about God.

”There will always be naysayers around. As the saying goes, no drummer can ever please all dancers. If 98 people out of 100 praise you, there will always be the two, who will never see anything good in what you have done.

”We must learn to live with, and tolerate the views of such people. They have a right to their opinions.”


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