Two days from now, President Muhammadu Buhari's administration will clock three years in office. Democracy Day is what we call it in Nigeria.  

Many Nigerians must have been preparing a scorecard for him and they will be releasing them soon. Some will be made to support the current administration while others will condemned the administration. 

But the President wants to be the first to show Nigerians his achievement on one of the campaign mantras that Nigerians will largely consider - FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION. 

His government has put together a 5:54-minute documentary christened "3 Years Of Visible impact" and showcased what it called government's achievements in terms of the fight against corruption. 

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The video was published on Aso Rocks' Twitter page and the government said it was the first in a series of documentary to mark President Buhari's third year in office.

If you can't see video watch it here.

It is coming on the same day that the probe of a former President, Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission had started.

The EFCC was established during his tenure as president. 

Before the documentary was released, a media aide of former President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, had made series of posts, highlighting areas he claimed the current administration had failed. 

On the probe of Dr. Obasanjo which borders on alleged corruption, Mr Omokri insisted that it was a witch-hunt initiated because the former President kicked against the re-election bid of President Buhari. 

He said: "For 3 years Buhari has been in power.

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"It is only after Obasanjo rejected his reelection agenda that EFCC, whose chairman publicly wears Buhari reelection lapel pin, decided to probe Obasanjo.

"If you still believe there is an anti corruption war, you need spiritual deliverance"!

Who wants this deliverance?