How many times have you misplaced something and remained confident that any one who finds it will return the item to you? 

It rarely happens in Nigeria, yet everyone who has done that and managed to be in the news has been rewarded handsomely. 

Here is another patriotic act and this one gave the individual a government job. 

It happened in Abuja and President Muhammadu Buhari wants you to learn from it. 

His name is Abubakar Hassan and his remarkable act of honesty is what President Buhari wants you to emulate. 

President Buhari says he is delighted to learn about Abubakar Hassan, a taxi driver in Abuja, who returned valuable property forgotten in his car by a passenger.

What excites the President most about the situation is that "even when the passenger had no way of tracing him, Mr Hassan went out of his way to seek her, and to return her possessions intact".

In a statement by his spokesman, Garba Shehu, President Buhari commended Mr Hassan for his outstanding conduct, which he said should be an example for every Nigerian.

He has moved from a cab driver to a government official.

"His behaviour is a throwback to the Nigeria of some decades ago, before corruption and greed among public officials became accepted as normal, and polluted our national values.

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"President Buhari appreciates Mr Hassan for inadvertently making himself available as a shining example of the Nigeria that this administration has battled and continues to battle for - a Nigeria where our national resources are not appropriated by private individuals, who have no consideration for anyone beyond themselves and their private interests," the statement read.

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