President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday visited Kaduna State to commiserate with the residents over recent killings in the state, including the death of a monarch. 

In his speech, President Buhari expressed his profound sadness at the loss of lives and property that have occurred during what he described as tragic incidents.

"It is unacceptable that criminal elements can visit on citizens the wanton killings recorded in the Kasuwan Magani incident of 18 October 2018, and the unrest around Kaduna metropolis a few days later.

"This must stop," he said.

The President assured the residents of the northern state that the Federal Government would take strongest measures possible to punish perpetrators of the latest killings in Kaduna.

"If in the past, they got away scot-free, we shall now hold everyone to account for these latest killings," the President said.

President Buhari spoke at a meeting with senior government officials, security chiefs, traditional rulers, religious, political and community leaders at the Musa Yar’Adua Sports Complex.

'I will Watch Police Closely'

The President directed the Nigeria Police Force to remain vigilant in securing communities and diligent in prosecuting criminal offences.

"The Nigerian police are in the frontline of securing communities.

"For the judiciary, unless the investigations are credible and rapidly done, there is nothing they can do.

"From now on, the Nigeria police, you better watch it, I am going to watch you closely," the President said.

President Buhari also appealed to community leaders, including ward heads, village heads and traditional rulers, to be closer to their people and not to shield those who are planning to wreak havoc on the community from law enforcement agencies.

Commiserating with the government and people of Kaduna State, and families who lost loved ones in the unfortunate incidents, the President paid tribute to the late Agom Adara, Dr. Maiwada Galadima, eulogising the traditional ruler of Adara chiefdom for serving his community and Kaduna State with dedication.

One thing he wants all who call Kaduna home to do is their best to uphold peace in their respective communities, warning that chaos and anarchy tend to worsen and exacerbate whatever issues are agitating a community.

"Violence shatters and divides people and stifles the prospect of any community that succumbs to its tragic logic.

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"The Federal Government commends the efforts of the Kaduna State Government in responding to and managing the crisis. More Federal Security assets are being provided at the request of the Kaduna State Government to help uphold and keep the peace.

"The Federal Government will continue to work to ensure that more security assets are recruited and deployed across the country to protect all citizens going about their lawful business and to reinforce the authority of the government," he said.

'Citizens Have A Duty'

President Buhari also welcomed the decision of the Kaduna State Government and its local governments to build and provide facilities for the take-off of more police divisions and civil defence offices in the state.

"On their part, Citizens also have a duty to be law-abiding in their conduct and within their communities. There is a need to avoid violence as a tool of negotiation or obtaining advantage, and learn to listen to each other and commit to resolving differences through peaceful means.

"Kaduna, once the home of the Premier and home of the New Nigerian must not earn itself a new name – home of violence. The Federal Security Agencies will hunt and prosecute all those who sponsored these acts of violence,’’ he said.

Noting that individuals and communities have obligations to comply with the law and uphold peace, the President said: ‘‘these obligations include respecting the rights of others to live wherever they choose, to worship freely and to pursue lawful livelihoods anywhere in this country.

"These are constitutional and human rights that we as a government and people must uphold and defend".

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