You see, this is not supposed to be news but Nigeria has gotten used to the culture of waste in the public service.

This waste culture allows newly elected public officials to replace everything used by the previous officials whether they needed to be changed or not.

So, that is why it is surprising that President Buhari was seen still using cars inherited from former President Goodluck Jonathan

President Muhammadu Buhari arrived home on Thursday night from his trip to the United States.

Among the photographs capturing the tempered homecoming reception, were several showing the car that took the president home in Aso Villa.

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A closer look shows that the black Mercedes Benz Maybach is old, the colour is devoid of any sheen and there are scratches at the back bumper.

Even the tyres appear to have seen better days.

News Agency of Nigeria learnt President Buhari has refused to change the fleet he inherited from his predecessor since 2015.

In 2016, the president, who had cut his salary by 50%, struck out a move to spend 400 million naira on new cars for him. 

The money was to be used to buy five new armoured Mercedes Benz S-600 (V222) cars.

NAN learnt the President believes the cars passed on to him, can still last another 10 years, thus helping the nation conserve scarce funds.

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