Senator Shehu Sani is a media delight because he always has an opinion about almost every national issue.

The burning issue of herdsmen attack in Benue fits his kind of topic for which he is typically vocal, and he has not disappointed.

He says the responsibility for ending the national tragedy called herdsmen attack is upon the president and the political class.

The issue needs the president’s attention now, more than ever and the politicians around him “have a duty to emphasize, support and advise him in every possible way”.

Senator Sani is not interested in the sectional, religious or ethnic perspectives being promoted by different persons. He simply wants the Federal Government to work with the states to end the crisis.

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One could tell that Senator Sani has been disappointed by President Buhari’s handling of the matter and the way politicians are using people’s lives to play politics ahead of 2019 elections.

He also wondered why the bereaved Benue leaders are the ones reaching out to meet with the president, in a culture where they should be the ones being visited.

“I believe in our African tradition, when you are bereaved, it is people that visit you, you don’t go visiting people.

“For the Benue elders, they need to stay at home and the villa should go to Benue and not Benue coming to the Villa.

“When we have a crisis is some parts of the country, it is symbolic to see the leadership in the country moving to that very spotlight, giving the people hope, confidence and assurance that we are doing something.

“When your people are killed, and you are coming to Abuja, are you coming to report that they were killed?

“My position is that there is still the need for a special delegation if the President cannot make it, to go to Benue and commiserate with the people,” he said.

He went on to say that the president needs to know that his integrity and the credibility of his government is at stake with “people being killed and blood flowing everywhere”.

Senator Sani is the chairman of the Senate committee on local and international debts and vice chairman of the committee on foreign affairs.

The Kaduna senator was the guest of Channels TV's Sunrise Daily on Wednesday.


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