In the past 2 years since Muhammadu Buhari's administration came into power, agriculture sector has received the Nigerian government's attention, as it tries to shift the economy away from crude oil.

Now, it is time to assess the gains made so far and President Buhari believes the sector has recorded successes in the agriculture sector.

At a meeting with 36 governors at the Council Chambers of the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Friday, President Buhari made reference to the achievements in the sector.

“You are all doing your best and we are lucky our best has proved to be good enough.

“(Our) emphasis (has been) on agriculture and solid minerals right from our campaign days.

“We are more successful on agriculture because I think people could not afford to buy foreign food.

“And all that we have learnt, we will revert to the old system that we had of cooperatives right from local government levels up to the centre.

“I am very pleased with the reaction and don’t forget, I was told that most of the food, because Naira has gone down, are being bought by people from Burkina Faso to the Central African Republic.

“That trade has been there for generations and we cannot stop it,” he said.

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While the government has continued to apply different policies to revamp the economy, the Naira has remained weak against the dollar and the President remarked that the devaluation of the Naira was unfortunate. 

"It is not the making of the present administration," he claimed.

Buhari stated that people had asked him to be more strict on the border.

rice farming and rice smuggling
“We said that we will be strict on imported food so that our farmers can be more encouraged."

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He also thanked God that last year and this year, the harvest throughout the country was much better than it used to be.

President Buhari is happy that Nigerians have embraced farming and have worked hard on their lands to produce more food.