Former president, Olusegun Obasanjo says he had a one-on-one encounter with Boko Haram when he went to Borno state in search of the leaders of the terror group.

He made this known while accusing the federal government led by  President Muhammadu Buhari of encouraging the sect by paying million of dollars as ransom.

Obasanjo said this in an interview published by the BBC.

"Look at Boko Haram. Security. Boko Haram is worse today than it has ever been.

"They (Boko Haram) have now been joined by what they call Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP).

"So they are now linked with external forces and this Boko Haram itself has been encouraged by the ransom paid which they denied.

"The government denies it but it is known that they paid millions of dollars", he said.

When asked if his administration ever did the same by trying to calm the nerves of the terrorists by negotiations, the former president said;

"No. No. Maybe you have forgotten. I didn't have the problem of Boko Haram and when I went to Maiduguri to try to find out what is Boko Haram; you know they even said they were of two minds.

"Should they kill me or leave me alone and later they agreed that they should not kill me because when I was there, I was going about my own job and they were also going about their own job and I did not disturb them".

This revelation comes a few days after Obasanjo wrote a 16-page letter to President Buhari comparing his government to that of former Military dictator, Sani Abacha.