“When he (Governor Ayodele Fayose) talks, you will just discount it and move on,” that is the response of the All Progressives Congress to claims of the Ekiti State governor that President Muhammadu Buhari is on life support in the UK.

President Buhari travelled to the UK on May 7 for medical check-up and Fayose had raised dust of uncertainty about the President’s health.

Governor Fayose put forward the claim on Wednesday, but the APC insists it is not true.

Giving the party’s response to the claims, on national television on Thursday, the Chairman of the party, John Oyegun, though could not give details of whether the President would return soon, said he is not a doctor to give report on the President’s health.

When asked if he had any report on the current state of President Buhari’s health, Mr Oyegun said: "Well, what is there to say, we are not his doctors.

“The reports we have are very good. It is a most unfortunate thing. It is not ideal. Nobody wishes that on himself or on the nation, but he is recovering very strongly”.

The APC leader was also quick to describe Governor Fayose as someone that should be ignored.

Since the President left Nigeria he had sent messages down to the citizens few times and one of such was that sent of recent in Hausa language that triggered criticism.

It was a Sallah message that wished Nigerians well, but critics have raised concerns over voice discrepancy.

Another issue that has also circulated on social media is in relation to the presidential jet that is hanging in the UK since the president traveled, with concerns about the cost of having the aircraft in the UK.

The presidency has also explained why the aircraft has remained in the UK.