Deji Adeyanju is well known on social media for his active involvement in politics and he is seen to know a lot about Nigerian politics.

He is no longer representing any political party but has become a political activist clamoring for the promotion of an alternative option to the current crop of politicians.

Therefore, his reaction to President Buhari’s decision to seek reelection in 2019 is one that was bound to be interesting.

Adeyanju did not disappoint as he seems to know more than many Nigerians and the media.

First, he is disappointed by the reaction of the PDP to Buhari’s second term bid, saying it shows that the party is not competent to play the opposition role.

Also, he believes the declaration coming so early in April, and at a time he was heading to the hospital in UK shows desperation.

Wait a minute. Hospital? The president is in the UK to hold discussions with Prime Minister Theresa May and to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings.

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Do you know something we don’t know?

“Yes, I know something that you don’t know,” he replied during a Channels TV breakfast show on Tuesday.

“The President has gone to the hospital. We said this several weeks ago.

“During 'resume or resign', many of you argued with us that the President was not going to be long and that he was going to stay in London for two weeks.

“We told you the president was going to be there for three months and that was what it turned out to be.

“Don’t worry, in the coming weeks, you will understand why I said the president has gone to the hospital. They’ve just used the Commonwealth thing as a cover-up.”

How did he know all that? “It is the fact and they know it. Let them disclaim it...

“There are people around the president that I have spoken to and they have told us that he is seeing his doctors today. He has gone specifically to the hospital," he added.

How will the Presidency react to this?