The incidence of corruption got worse because nobody, especially past Nigerian governments, bothered to listen to musicians.

This is what Reggae musician, Orits Williki, claims and he is advising the Buhari-led government to engage musicians in the fight.

Williki said that musicians could be useful to the anti-graft war by creating the kind of songs and slogans that will stir Nigerians into taking positive action against corruption.

He added that Nigeria would have been able to get rid of corruption and other vices affecting the progress of the country, if musicians had been taken seriously.

The musician added, “If past governments in this country and the people had listened to all that Nigerian musicians have been preaching in their songs from the beginning, we probably would not have found ourselves in this condition.

“All of us spoke out against corruption and other vices that are limiting the progress of this country and her people.  Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, for example, never got tired of criticising corrupt government officials till his death. Unfortunately nobody bothered to take musicians seriously because they felt that we didn’t know what we were saying.

“At a point, I began to wonder how those who had ears could not hear and those who had eyes could not see the direction in which our country was heading to. If government had listened to the voices of musicians and the various civil rights groups in the country that were deeply involved in campaigns for equality, fairness and justice, as well as for a better deal for the masses, things would have been much better today. But they didn’t listen and now the problems facing the country has eaten very deep into our system, ” he said.

Although President Muhammadu Buhari meant well for Nigeria and her people, Williki also noted, he could possibly do very little to salvage the situation because of the kind of people around him.