There comes a time in politicians’ lives when they just don’t seem to get anything right in the eyes of the public.

Perhaps President Buhari is in his own period right now.

He finally decided to visit Yobe state, where teenage school girls had been kidnapped from Dapchi community.

Nigerians were looking forward to seeing a president that empathizes with the ‘bereaved’ parents and he did not disappoint on that.

President Muhammadu Buhari broke down and cried in Dapchi, and Nigerians went heeyaa...but the opposition were also watching with eyes wide open.

He just had to present them something to bash him with.

Was it appropriate for the President to have embraced that red carpet reception in Dapchi, on a supposed 'condolence' visit?

BENUE CRISIS: Buhari’s Visit And His Big Goof

A so-called observer asked: “What manner of leader will be walking on a red carpet in a school that witnessed the worst tragedy in recent time.

“Buhari is quite insensitive on the plight of Dapchi girls and their parents. His visit to the school shouldn’t have been a red-carpet event.”

But below was the response of his senior media adviser, Mr Garba Shehu on Thursday on live TV.

“I think that we have bigger issues of the security of lives to deal with. I am not a protocol person and I don’t know the meaning of red carpet

“The default position of Twitter is to be negative, and they are entitled to all the negativity that is being spread.

“Did the President focus on the big issues of life and safety? He did, and this is what is important,” he said.

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Shall we say the president brought this upon himself when he spoke in Dapchi and compared his response to Dapchi abduction with ex-President Jonathan’s response to Chibok?

Was that even the right forum to make such a politically provocative statement? This comes just few days after his public declaration that the Inspector-General of Police disobeyed him.

While the APC and PDP politicians continue their Tom and Jerry battle, what is most important to Nigerians is that the Dapchi girls must be rescued.

President Buhari must unite with both the opposition and his own people to achieve that one mission.