President Muhammadu Buhari will spend a total of 1,001,318,171 Naira on travel and transport in 2019.

This is contained in the breakdown of 2019 budget which the president presented to the National Assembly on December 19, 2018.

According to the breakdown, obtained by Bounce News on the website of the Budget Office, the president will spend 250,021,595 Naira on local travels, while 751,296,576 Naira on international travel and transport.

Also, his deputy Vice President Yemi Osinbajo will spend a total of 301,035,593 Naira on trips in 2019.

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A breakdown showed that the VP would be spending 83,974,710 million Naira on local trips while international travel and transport will take 217,060,883 million Naira.

There is also a provision for the construction of a presidential wing at the state house medical centre, an ongoing project which will take 416,668,229 million Naira.

budget breakdown

This is even as the office of the President is proposed to spend 98,306,492 million Naira on food stuff and catering materials supplies.

Other expenses for the running of the office of the president include a miscellaneous expenditure of 235,836,275 Naira, refreshment and meals, 25,652,502 Naira; honorarium and sitting allowance, 164,176,011 Naira; publicity and advertisements, 41,219,295 Naira and postages and courier services, 4,788,467 Naira.

Similarly, the Vice President Osinbajo will spend 50,888,218 Naira on food stuff and catering materials supplies.

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Other expenditure, as provided for in the 2019 budget include fuel and lubricants, 2,350,628 Naira; cooking gas/fuel cost 2,350,628 Naira; miscellaneous 82,795,229 Naira; refreshment and meals 18,264,397 Naira.

Others include honorarium and sitting allowance, 20,262,066 Naira; publicity and advertisements, 13,888,552 Naira; postages and courier services, 1,680,377 Naira; welfare packages, 23,211,005 Naira and sporting activities, 5,488,832 Naira.

Recall that a total of 8.83 trillion Naira is the proposed estimate for the 2019 expenditure.

This comprises of a recurrent expenditure of 4.04 trillion Naira, debt service of 2.14 trillion Naira 2.071 trillion Naira of capital expenditure.

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