There seems to be no end in sight for the prolonged delay in the signing of Nigeria's 2017 Budget by the presidency.

Buhari is out of town on medical vacation and Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo is grappling with legality, due process and fresh allegations of padding.

The economy is still in recession and people can barely feed especially in the north-east region - famine is looming.

While the president's aide on legislative matters, Ita Enang plays game of thrones with aide to the Acting President, Nigerians and their businesses continue to plunge deeper into hardship.

Will the budget end the recession? No

Will it calm investors frail nerves? It should.

Will it help people under the importance of governance and accountability? It might.

But while we hope for our issues to be resolved, officials in the Unite States White House are considering Budget 2018.

Yes. You read right. They have moved over to their Budget 2018.

Even though there are claims the budget was clearly developed to make a statement to President Trump’s base of voters in the hope that they will see it as him keeping his campaign promises. 

It is still a document out there in the open for all citizens to see what is being approved. And the details have been included.