He got more fans with the video of Heya!

Brymo wore only a loin cloth to cover his manhood leaving his buttocks exposed.

In the video Brymo, plays the piano with the Lagos metropolis providing the background.

Brymo touched on colonialism, capitalism and consumerism in under 5 minutes.

Heya! isn’t one of Brymo’s best songs but the video will be remembered for a long time for the contemporary controversy it stirred.

One of Brymo’s strengths is his showmanship and he uses this in the video to attract fans to the song and the album.

Another example of this is the title of his last album- Klitoris.

For Oso, Brymo summons another strength- His ability to take lyrical snapshots of daily life.

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He starts off with ‘No Be Me’, a melodious tune that sees Brymo go through a wide range of themes from broken love to greedy politicians.

This is followed by the acoustic interlude ‘Mama’ where Brymo points out that the world has not changed since he was born, and remains a cruel place.

Brymo is a man of mystery and tackles various human conditions on tracks like God is on Your Mind, Entropy and Money Launderers and Heart breakers.

He writes haunting lyrics that deal with faith in self and the concept of eternity.

Brymo then pushes the mystic to the background, and draws strength from his folk and traditional roots to create Olanrewaju and Olumo.

Bounce scores Oso - 4

4-Very Good