Brymo says the depth of his music and personality are a complete mismatch.

Brymo is known for his reserved nature which is in sharp contrast with the depth he exhibits in his compositions and lyrics.

The musician, who is known for not featuring other artistes on his albums, says he wants to be seen as a snob, because he does not understand the relevance of collaborations.

"I actually want them to see me as snobbish. A lot of importance is placed on collaboration which I don’t think is necessary. When you collaborate, it should be because you have a connection with the person but it has been bastardized these days.

"However, if I find someone I have a connection with, I would collaborate but it’s not a do-or-die affair." he said.

He has released a total of 5 albums; Brymstone (2007), The Son Of a Kapenta (2012), Merchants, Dealers & Slaves (2013), Tabula Rasa (2014),  and Klitôris (2016).