Mr Otike Odibi divorced his first wife to marry his fellow lawyer, Udeme, three years ago but it has turned out to be a bad decision.

Recently, he had to confide in a neighbour, complaining that the wife was threatening to kill him with a knife.

He also called his mother and his younger sister, complaining of threat to his life and they all warned him to be careful.

All these complaints and warnings happened just less than 24 hours before he was indeed murdered.

On Thursday, May 3, police received a distress call that Mr. Otike Odibi, had been killed in his home at Diamond Estate, Sango-Tedo Lagos, by his wife, Mrs Udeme Odibi.

The DPO from Ogombo, Ajah mobilised a team of detectives to the scene where they found the man lying on the bed in the pool of his own blood, with his stomach ripped open, exposing the intestine.

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So brutal was the killing that the killer, suspected to be the wife, severed the man's genital and placed it on his right hand.

However, before the arrival of the Police, Mrs Udeme had unsuccessfully attempted to commit suicide but was rushed to the hospital for treatment by neighbours.

Sequel to the above, the Commissioner of Police, Mr Edgal Imohimi, has directed crime scene detectives from the homicide section of the SCID Panti Yaba and forensic experts to the scene to aid in the investigation.

The man was from Kwale, Delta state and was 50 years old, while the woman is from Akwa-Ibom state and is 47 years old.

The deceased’s first marriage produced a daughter currently schooling in the UK. However, the ill-fated marriage is said to be without a child.

Just recently, a Danish husband of a Nigerian woman allegedly killed his wife and baby in Banana Island Lagos.

When will couples learn to resolve their matrimonial disputes without resorting to violence?

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