Olaitan Ayodele works as a customer relations officer at a Telecoms company. She travels across the Atlantic Ocean every day.

She feels safer taking the BRT from 7up Bus Terminal in Ikeja to Race Course on Lagos Island. She is not looking forward to Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

On this day, the Lagos state government rolls out its new tariff for commuters that ride on the BRT and LAGBUS. Olaitan knows she should return to her red 2A exercise to redo the math. The new fare is just another new impact of the recession which seems to be biting harder despite all the talk of ‘ameliorating measures’.

The announcement was clear and unmistaken: “the new fare will see a ride on BRT from Ikorodu to CMS, which costs N195 now increased to N300, while a trip from Ikorodu to Mile 12, rises from N75 to N100.

“Ikotun to Iyana Ipaja, which costs N50, has moved up to N100 while Ikotun to Ikeja has moved up from N100 to N200. Igando to Maryland is now N150 from the former N100, while the fare from Dopemu to Ikeja/Maryland has moved up from N150 to N200…”

She told Bounce News that the government got its timing wrong.

“They should think of the people who cannot afford it, people are really suffering.

“I understand they need to maintain the buses, but I believe it’s a government thing and they can still subsidise the fare. This is recession period; they don’t even need to increase fares now.”

Olaitan adds that this development will force her to cut back on other essential items.

“It will affect my expenses on other goods because I have to cut down on other things just to cope. Food is expensive. Fuel for the generator is N145 per litre. How will I survive?”

Bounce news also took to Facebook to ask about the increase in fares of BRT and LAGBUS.

Some comments:

Afabor Benjamin... this making life hard for residents in Lagos. are we saying our leaders can't provide infrastructure to make its citizenry enjoy d state without paying? am beginning to see d lamata set up as a private biz. employ people, No! no salary increase, no affordable housing, no money for feeding & cost of feeding is increasing every day, cost of education is another worry. God will judge everyone.

Bose Grace... It alright for proper effectively and efficiency but Ikorodo to Ketu, Ojota and Maryland not suppose to pass N150.

Iyanda Olusegun... It is very wrong o. Salary is static no increase, so why would our govt think of increasing bus fare now.

Oluwanifise Ice Flex... What are the kind of things out government are doing, they sha don't want people to live again.

Olawoyin Ayomide Muideen... I can't blame them because a litter of diesel now #260 but think Lagos State government should something about it please.

Ekeleme Marytina... Dis is really uncalled for....when will d citizens enjoy the people they voted for.

Samson Olusegun Omotesho... U neva see anytin. Sebi u want govt to cancel danfo busses. Henhen, na dat time ur eyes go open.

On February 13, the MD and CEO, Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA), Abiodun Dabiri, said the increase was necessitated by the economic downturn in the country which has affected the transport sector drastically.

“The current financial crunch has seen average cost of operations increase to about 110 per cent. With the cost of fueling going up by 71 per cent, oil prices up by 64 per cent, tyre by 90 per cent, continued operations are threatened.”

The economic downturn is biting hard on the masses, and it is fair the government put the people in consideration when making decision.