If only the driver did not exceed speed limits along inter-state highway, perhaps 16 people wouldn't have met their untimely death.

The accident occurred in front of a petrol station, few metres away from the popular Mayfair Round-about in the ancient town of Ile-Ife.

An incoming 18-seater commercial bus collided with an oil tanker that was making a u-turn.

The bus was said to be coming from Ondo state was reported to have burst into flames on impact.

Eyewitnesses blame the extent of the damage on the slow response of fire fighters to reach the scene of the incident.

Most of the passengers were burnt beyond recognition.

The 18-seater commercial bus was also carrying some heavy metal objects which further propelled the bus and caused serious injuries to the passengers.

Only two passengers were said to have been rescued and taken alive to a nearby private hospital.

Eyewitnesses say the driver of the bus managed to escape the scene of the accident and fled into a nearby town.

Emergency response teams have cordoned off the area while state authorities have commenced a man-hunt to find the fleeing driver.