Baba Mugabe appears to have done it again. He looked bored, exhausted and seemed to have dozed off while United States President, Donald Trump gave his maiden address to the UN.

Mugabe had his head in his left hand during most parts of the speech and appeared to be sound asleep.

The 93-year-old leader has been pictured on previous occasions dozing off during public functions and doesn't seem to be bothered by the rhetoric.

In his speech, President Trump condemned North Korea for its missiles test referring to a "ROCKET MAN" who is on a "SUICIDE MISSION".

He accused Iran of supporting acts against human rights and mass deaths in Syria and Yemen. He said America will not forget Iran's contribution to destabilizing both countries while women and children are being made to pay the ultimate prize.

President Trump reiterated his inaugural speech "AMERICA WILL REMAIN FIRST" during his regime. He also asked all nations of the world to also treat their citizens first at all time regardless of external pressure.