It is not clear yet how the Nigerian government agreed to such a deal but there you have it – the Queen of England is going to be building, of all things, a prison in Lagos Nigeria.

Apparently, there are now many convicted Nigerian prisoners in England, so the British government has decided to build a new wing at Kirikiri Prison in the Nigerian city of Lagos so that it can transfer the prisoners there.

The new prison block, a 112-bed wing, will cost the queen 700,000 pounds, about 297 million naira.

It will also be compliant with United Nations standards and will make it easier for Britain to comply with a prisoner transfer agreement it signed with Nigeria in 2014.

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Under the 2014 deal, eligible prisoners serving criminal sentences in Nigeria and Britain can be returned to complete their sentences in their respective countries.

The British government did not indicate how many prisoners might be moved or when the project is likely to be completed.

In a written statement to parliament, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said tenders had been placed and a supplier identified to conduct the building work at Kirikiri. He did not name the supplier.

The project will be funded from Britain’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund, which has an annual budget of more than 1 billion pounds and aims to commission projects that can help prevent conflicts and stabilise countries or regions.

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