If there is one thing certain like daybreak in the administration of President Trump, it is principle of hire and fire.

Hope Hicks has been announced as the new Communications director weeks after sacking Anthony Scaramucci.

The 28-year-old Hicks who has been serving as assistant to the President Donald Trump as interim Communications Director was announced on Tuesday night as Scaramucci replacement.

Hicks is the youngest White House communications director.

She is a longtime aide to President Trump, and has been a member of Trump’s inner circle since joining the presidential campaign in 2015 and serving as a spokeswoman.

Senior White House sources told ABC News earlier Tuesday that the announcement was forthcoming.

Hicks was named as the interim communications director in mid-August.

She assumed the interim role when Anthony Scaramucci vacated the post after 11 days on the job.

The White House brought her in as director of strategic communications after the inauguration.

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