"Today na today", staff of the National Assembly are saying, as they sat in front of the entrance door to the sitting chamber of the Senate and the House of Representatives, making demand for their rights and unpaid salaries.

It is supposed to be a sitting day, but it was obvious that sitting may not hold, as they sat there calm yet with grave pain in their hearts. 

These pains could be seen in the placards in their hands on Tuesday, with different inscriptions, indicating that they were no longer ready to wait. 

'No pay no sitting', 'CONLESS is our right, pay us now', 'Release our conversion letters', 'CONLESS is not tied to 2018 budget' and 'Pass our condition of Service, Speaker' among others were written on the placards with which they made their demands. 

National Assembly staff protest in Abuja

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They chanted and danced in front of the entrance, as they made their demands ready to go through the day obstructing the sitting of the lawmakers. 

While this happens, most members of the National Assembly are out in their states for campaigns for elections that will hold in 2019. 

Details to come.

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