The Nigerian Senators on Wednesday voted in support of the Local Government Autonomy which is part of the areas up for amendment in the 1999 Constitution.

Another amendment that got the Senate's approval was the immunity in respect of words spoken or written during plenary.

The Senate also voted against devolution of powers, but voted in favour of the amendments that the President must nominate Ministers within 30 days of taking office.

The nominees will also have portfolios assigned to them before they appear for confirmation.

The new clause makes it obligatory for the President to deliver a State of the Nation address in a joint session of the National Assembly.

The lawmakers also amended the constitution to permit independent candidates in elections.

The approval has received Nigerians commendation.

It was the Bill number 14 debated on and it got - Yes: 82 No: 5 while 3 Senators abstained.

indipendent candidacy for nigeria election

The Senate President in a tweet, described it as a major one in the constitution review process.

Another Bill that sought the change of name for the Nigeria Police Force also got the Senate's nod.

The bill proposes a new name -  Nigerian Police - and that it got 87 votes in support against 2. One lawmaker was absent.

It was a clause-by-clause electronic voting and 97 Senator were in attendance for the consideration of 33 bills.